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Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Crane

Our range of Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Cranes will help you save on your operational costs thanks to the HybriLift® energy saving system!

The HybriLift® technology decreases energy consumption by up to 35%, reducing your overall costs long-term. Interested? Contact us now!

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Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Crane Equipment

Introducing Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Crane Equipment

Versatile, economic and ecological, these 100T to 145T Cranes are suitable for several applications and available with electric motors or diesel engines. Enquire now for more information on this cutting-edge technology.

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Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Crane Features

No Need For Access To Mains Power

Considering our electric motor option? The Mantsinen PowerPack feature means you can move and operate some hydraulic functions of your electric powered Material Handler even without access to mains power.

Our Product Range Includes…

Cooper Handling offers the Mantsinen 120 R on tracks, the Mantsinen 120 M on wheels and the Mantsinen 120 R on rails. A stationary version of the Mantsinen 120 F is also available on request and we have a variety of attachments to suit your needs.

Cycle Times And Productivity

When handling either solid or bulk products, Hydraulic Cranes offer a distinct advantage over rope-based alternatives. Eliminate the need for in-hold and landslide stevedoring thanks to automatic and semi-automatic attachments! These machines are also pinpoint accurate and wind resistant, making them perfect for port operations.

A Globally Recognised Brand

When it comes to designing and manufacturing dedicated Hydraulic Cranes, Mantsinen are world-renowned. Mantsinen Cranes excel in harbour and port applications, but they are readily available to perform to a high standard for industrial applications.

Interested? Request More Information or Enquire Now!

If you would like more information on our variety of Mantsinen 120 Hydraulic Crane models, or you are interested in purchasing a model, fill in our enquiry form or use the contact details below.

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