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SANY Reachstackers

Our range of SANY Reachstackers will increase the productivity of your operations, providing you with enviable speed and cost efficiency!

Enjoy the flexibility and ability to load or stack containers and other heavy goods of up to 45 tonnes at a rapid rate. Interested? Contact us now!

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Increase Productivity, Speed and Cost Efficiency

SANY Reachstackers

SANY Reachstackers give you the flexibility to quickly load and stack containers and other heavy goods. They are an ideal tool for the day-to-day activities of ports, intermodal terminals and container storage facilities.

Our Reachstackers offer the perfect combination of cost-efficiency, user comfort and an environmentally friendly operation.

Standard warranty of 5 years/10,000 hours for structural and 2 years/4,000 hours on everything else – available on all Reachstacker models within the SANY range.

Intermodal Terminals

NEW SANY Reachstackers simply can’t be beaten when it comes to handling speeds at rail terminals! You will find everything you need for fast loading and unloading of trains, including guaranteed high speed, the best lifting capacity, manoeuvrability and stability.

The 7000mm wheelbase offers the best capacity in its class and is available with or without support jacks. With even greater track spacing, machines with a 7500mm wheelbase, supported by smart machine controls, offer the best lifting capacity on the market!

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Ports and Container Storage

High-performance SANY Reachstackers are in their element when there is a lot to be moved! The power units have a 6-metre wheelbase and are the first choice for efficient handling in all terminals. They boast impressive manoeuvrability, flexibility and stacking speeds, as well as the exact capacity for use in container terminals.

Their unrivalled compact design and intelligent container positioning during travel make it easy to manoeuvre in tight aisles. Top lift and intermodal spreader options available.

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SANY Reachstacker Equipment

Introducing SANY H9 Hybrid Technology

As the NEW eco-friendly range of SANY Reachstackers, the H9 delivers a 30% fuel saving over an identical machine without an Energy Recovery System (ERS). Two rear mounted cylinders use the downward gravitational forces to charge nitrogen-accumulators which provide extra power.

The extra available power means the main lift cylinder diameters can be reduced resulting in greater visibility and faster lift speeds. This means the H9 is less expensive to run and is 15% more productive than machines without an ERS.

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If you would like more information on our wide variety of SANY Reachstacker models, or you are interested in purchasing a model, fill in our enquiry form or use the contact details below.

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