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TEC Container Lashing Cage Providers

Container Lashing Cage Providers

We are Container Lashing Cage providers! Lashing Cages and Safety Cages are widely used at container ports and terminals around the world. Generally, the optimal combination of design, quality, in-house manufacturing, and after-sales service has earned TEC Container Solutions the recognition of customers across five continents.

Additionally, by following the indications of the International Labour Organisation, they improve the workplace safety of stevedores. Furthermore, they adhere to the laws and regulations of each country they operate in. Moreover, they reduce costs by decreasing the time spent in stowing and unloading containers.

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About TEC Container

Firstly, since its founding in 1976, TEC Container has been supplying products to more than 70 different ports in more than 82 countries all over the world. Subsequently, the Lashing Equipment from TEC Container has been originally supplied to over 350 new vessels, and they have delivered over 1,500 Spreaders to customers in more than 40 different countries.

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Customised Solutions

Secondly, Cooper Handling knows that you have specific needs, and that each terminal has its particularities. We do not sell products; we identify solutions to operational and efficiency problems. We adapt to what you need. With such a wide range of Over Height Frames and Spreader Models, we meet the needs of most terminal operators. We’re always happy to develop Bespoke Solutions to deliver the most effective and practical Container Handling Solutions.

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Production Process

Thirdly, we support the entire production process of the Lashing Cages with the ISO 9001 Certificate, and we deliver our Lashing Cages with the following: Test load certificate, Use/maintenance guide, Recommended periodical check-up list, Plate with a unique serial number for construction and traceability of materials, and quality certificate of the safety slings and hooks included in the Lashing Cages under spreader.

Safety Cages Under Spreader – Fixed Cages: 20ft or 40ft

Blue Tick Icon  The design includes doors for stevedores, with sliding doors that provide easy access for a Forklift to the twistlock bins.

Blue Tick Icon for the Lashing Cage Website Product Page  They fix the containers to the floor of the cage.

Blue Tick Icon  Optional size of 40″.

Blue Tick Icon for the Lashing Cage Website Product Page  The electric pack includes red/green light indicators for the doors’ situation (OPEN/CLOSE).

Blue Tick Icon  The rescue pack includes an electric outlet (24v), first-aid box, and high-visibility torches.

Blue Tick Icon for the Lashing Cage Website Product Page  The cage has 2-life certified lifelines along its length, a rubber bumper along the whole external perimeter, and a safety net to prevent falling objects inside the cage.

Unlashing Containers Using the Safety Cage (BA-323)

Blue Tick Icon  Telescopic 20″ to 40″ and, optionally, 45″.

Blue Tick Icon  It has a sturdy and stable construction, designed to withstand rough operating conditions.

Blue Tick Icon  Increase occupational safety significantly. The lashers work in an area which is protected all around, including against falling objects.

Blue Tick Icon  Lastly, the cage is also an ideal implement for all kinds of problems on container stacks. Maintenance personnel can take tools, welding torches etc. with them in the gondola.

Our Lashing Cages

Finally, we stock a vast range of heavy duty lifting products suitable for all sectors and commodities. Overall, we’ve got you covered no matter what you’re lifting, carrying, charging, or discharging. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, try our product selector or contact our expert product advisors.

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We specialise in solutions for the lifting and handling of all heavy loads. Looking for more information or advice on the right solution for you? Our team of experts are just a message away.

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