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Movella Range


Our Translifters offer effective, safe, and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods. Our products and design knowledge of over thirty years guarantee that, as our customer, you will get exactly what you need.

Offering extremely high transport efficiency, these are low cost, long-lasting, and robust machines which require little maintenance. They can improve logistics with less transport equipment and are easy to operate even in tight areas.

Furthermore, Movella Oy, based in Tampere, Finland, started developing their own products in 2016. They have very quickly become a major player in the Translifter and Cassette Trailer Market. Movella, arguably the most experienced Translifters in the industry, designs effective, safe, and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods.

Additionally, the current range includes Forklift-attached Translifters on single bogie, capable of carrying weights of up to 50 tonnes, as well as regular Terminal Tractor-supported Translifters with a capacity of up to 130 tonnes. Moreover, the range reaches its peak with the I-series Translifter, which can handle 220 tonnes and is ideally designed for the extreme, robust, and heavy-duty steel industry.

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About The Movella Range

The current range consists of Forklift-attached Translifters on single bogie for weights of up to 50 tonnes. Furthermore, the regular Terminal Tractor-supported Translifters can carry up to 130 tonnes. The range tops-out with the I-series Translifter capable of handling 220 tonnes, which is aimed at the extreme, robust, and heavy-duty steel industry.

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Heavy Lifting

Movella’s mid-range of Translifters is the R-series range, capable of handling payloads from 50 tonnes up to 140 tonnes. Industries and port environments most commonly use this range. The scope extends further with the larger capacity I-series, allowing payloads of 220 tonnes. Customers typically use it in conjunction with Cassettes or Trestles, and they can tailor-make the Translifter to their specific requirements in any length ranging from 6 metres to 25 metres.

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About Cassettes

Lastly, Cassettes remain a popular and cost-effective method of transport and storage. They can withstand rough handling due to their basic construction. They’re also recognised as being space efficient because they can be block-stacked, unlike trailers that demand access for lashing.

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Movella U-Loader

The Movella U-Loader addresses warehousing issues in pre-fabricated concrete wall element production by minimising handling of the elements.

The U-Loader loads the ready wall elements directly onto cargo flats during production and transports them to the warehousing area. As a result, this process reduces lifting of elements by 66% and significantly boosts working efficiency.

More Productive Logistics

Movella offers effective, safe, and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods. Movella’s product and design knowledge of over thirty years guarantees you will get exactly what you need.

These robust machines offer extremely high transport efficiency, require little maintenance, and come at a low cost, making them long-lasting. Consequently, they can improve logistics with fewer transport equipment needs and enable easy operation even in tight areas.

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Our Range

Finally, we stock a vast range of heavy duty lifting products suitable for all sectors and commodities. Overall, no matter what you’re lifting, carrying, charging, or discharging. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, try our product selector or contact our expert product advisors.

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