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Greater cargo handling efficiency with Meclift attachments

When fitted to its versatile reach trucks, Meclift’s innovative attachments help to improve productivity and deliver key cost savings in a wide range of cargo handling applications.

All attachments can be changed quickly, easily and safely thanks to a special, purpose-designed attachment system, which is fitted to the reach truck’s lifting frame.


Meclift’s C-hook provides the steel industry with the ultimate in coil handling control. Thanks to the attachment’s 360° hydraulic rotation and 64° tilt capabilities, an operator can position a coil accurately and safely into a truck or open wagon or inside a vessel. Use in conjunction with the ML30/4212RC reach truck to move coils to or from a train and load them in the cargo bay is a prime example of how the C-hook helps to raise efficiency levels. When fitted to the ML3018RC it offers a lifting capacity of 30,000 kg.

Bogey rollers

Bolt-assembled, so they are quick and easy to connect, Meclift’s bogey rollers increase a reach truck’s ability to move heavy loads into containers and trailers. The attachment is available for use with Meclift’s ML1612R, ML1812R, ML3012RC and ML4212RC reach trucks.

Side spreader

This ELME-manufactured accessory is designed for use with the ML1812R
variable reach truck and allows empty containers to be stacked up to three high. This innovative attachment effectively transforms the reach truck into a reachstacker for multipurpose use in a wide range of applications.


Other purpose-designed attachments for Meclift’s variable reach trucks include:

  • Bucket – provides a superior solution for the handling of bulk cargo. Bucket dimensions can be customised to suit individual customer applications.


  • Winch – when fitted with the 16t hydraulic winch Meclift’s ML1612R variable reach truck can be used as a mobile crane


  • Paper clamps – the strength of the paper clamp attachment combines with the reach capabilities of Meclift’s variable reach trucks to provide an efficient and safe solution for paper roll handling