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Mantsinen 300 Hydraulic crane + Panamax vessel = 1500 tonnes per hour

This behemoth is the world’s largest hydraulic crane and the first machine specifically designed to handle Panamax vessels up to 32 metres beam width. Of course, smaller machines can reach 32 metres – that is not the issue. The 300 can reach but with a clamshell as big as 20 cubic metres offering the capacity of an MHC but the speed of a material handler. Of course, large vessels require more travel time in and out of the hold, Mantsinen 300 is designed to meet the requirements of moving bulk cargo on Panamax class ships, but it can also handle heavy general cargo and containers. For example, the crane is able to move a full 40ft container about 48 metres without having to change position.

Despite its massive size, Mantsinen 300 is just as agile and precise as smaller material handlers. Good controllability decreases the risks involved in handling heavy objects and increases work safety.

The 300 can handle bulk, solids and laden or empty containers – territory considered impossible for hydraulic machines.  This enables the fastest work cycle on the market and the best productivity in its size class.

The Mantsinen 300 is available on tracks (300R), wheels (300M) or on rails (300S) and is available in either diesel or mains electric configurations. Weighing in at between 370 and 390 tonnes and with boom and stick configurations that reach 40m, it is the largest in its class beating its predecessor, the Mantsinen 200 by a full 105 tonne dead weight.

At the very heart of the new technology is the patented Hybrilift ‘2’. Having introduced energy recovery systems onto these type of machines over 10 years ago, competitors have finally caught-up. With Hybrilift ‘2’, the bar has been subsequently re-set even higher. Unlike standard energy recovery systems that supplement engine power with captured power in solely a pushing motion, Hybrilft ‘2’ allows the engine power to push from below and the Hybrilft power to pull from above – hence the main boom is being both pushed and pulled simultaneously. This ingenious development improves the fuel saving from 35% to up to 50% and, unsurprisingly, the Hybrilift ‘2’ is now patented.  Mantsinen designs and manufactures its own attachments, thus optimised attachments can be offered for all kinds of uses and for any machine type.

Compared with conventional rope cranes, handling Panamax vessels is now easier than ever with the mobile and agile Mantsinen 300.

To view the new Mantsinen 300 brochure, click here.

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