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No More Fuel Bills – Mantsinen 70 ER

No More Fuel Bills - Mantsinen 70 ER

When we talk about scrap handling, the Mantsinen product range are fundamentally different by design compared to any other similar material handling products on the market, designed from the ground up to achieve a given minimum number of machine cycles – a staggering 2 million cycles.

Mantsinen’s research and development team works non-stop to discover the most economical and ecological solutions. One such creation was The HybriLift® energy saving system, introduced in 2008, it has already proven to reduce fuel consumption up to 35 per cent. Electro-powered machines reduce both the energy consumption as well as noise pollution levels considerably.  One such company who have recognised the importance of these advantages is Ege Celik.

No More Fuel Bills – Mantsinen 70 ER

Ege Celik Endustrisi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S, founded in 1986, started steel production in 2001. Since then, Ege Celik has been a reliable and high-quality supplier to the local and worldwide steel industry.

Ege Celik steel mill has been using three electrically powered Mantsinen 70 ER hydraulic cranes since 2013. Two of the machines work in the port, unloading steel scrap from incoming ships, and one at the Ege Celik steel mill.

Ege Celik has also three older diesel-powered Mantsinen material handlers. When Ege Celik was acquiring new machines in 2012 and 2013, a strong emphasis was on energy costs. Mantsinen responded with the 70 ER, an 85-tonne crawler type machine with electric motor and a side mounted power cable.  The Mantsinen 70 ER HybriLift® runs on an economical electric motor, available with various supply voltages, 380 V to 690 V as standard.  Lower operating costs and longer maintenance intervals ensure shorter payback time on investment, while noise and emissions decrease considerably.  With the Mantsinen Power Pack an electric machine can be driven totally independently from electric supply.

The machines have substantially more lifting capacity than the older diesel-powered machines, but they save approximately 70% of energy cost and have zero emissions. “Other important advantages are a remarkable reduction in maintenance costs as the electric motor needs practically no service, and the total absence of fuel refilling”, says the steel mill purchasing supervisor Mesut Cebeci.

All three machines have the Mantsinen Diesel Power Pack to enable the machine to move from one electric outlet to another. Mobility of the machines with this configuration, especially in the port application, is no problem at all. The machine at the steel mill has a longer power cable, and the cable is protected against falling objects by a special cover.

All machines are equipped with Mantsinen orange peel grabs.

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