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SANY H9 – The Most Exciting Development in Reachstacker Technology in 20 Years

Sany H9 – The most exciting development in reach stacker technology in 20 years

The Sany H9 is revolutionary in that it has two additional cylinders mounted lower down the boom which sit behind the driver’s eye. On the downward motion, the combined weight of load, spreader and boom (a little over 50 tonnes weight) charges nitrogen-filled accumulators that stores the energy created with the descending load. Once the operator selects lift-mode, these same cylinders reverse and release the energy to offer additional lifting power to the standard lift cylinders. This can be as much as the equivalent to 70kw of engine power and will save as much as 35% in fuel. This could equate to 14000 litres of fuel per year if working 2000 operating hours.

However, the benefits do not stop there. With additional available lifting power, the main lift cylinders afford smaller diameter lift cylinders so with equal pressure acting on a smaller surface area equates to greater oil flow thus enhancing lift speeds and productivity by as much as 2 additional containers per hour.

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