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Why flexibility and operator comfort are key to reaching high

As the heavy lifting marketplace evolves, more and more rail terminals and ports are relying on reach stackers to maximise use of the available space.

When it comes to the handling of intermodal containers, intensive logistics operations call for big trucks that offer superior manoeuvrability and handling speeds and have the power to ensure that output is not compromised when the equipment is operating at full capacity.

Given the machine’s capability to transport containers short distances and, in particular, to stack them up to four deep, we are finding that, increasingly, rail/freight businesses and port operators are choosing reach stackers over heavy duty forklift trucks.

For Rail Freight Services (RFS), for example, reach stackers are an essential part of its materials handling fleet and for specific applications they are deemed ‘operation critical’. One of the country’s leading rail service logistics providers, RFS offers its customers a seamless and fully integrated transportation and handling service for bulk or containerised products from source to delivery point.

We have now supplied RFS with two Sany SRSC 4531 fully laden container reach stackers. One is hard at work in South Wales, where it is expected to handle around 150,000 tonnes of material each year, while the other has been allocated to a rail head in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Sany prides itself on developing big trucks equipped with smart technology and insists on a high standard specification. However, it is also aware just how important it is not to underestimate the role of the operator in ensuring a safe and efficient logistics operation. The cabin on Sany’s reach stackers is therefore designed to provide a space in which the operator can work in safety and comfort. Frameless windows and 18 LED lights offer excellent visibility in all environments – day and night. Meanwhile, a level of sound insulation that exceeds industry standards combines with an adjustable seat and steering wheel to help reduce operator fatigue.

We have supplied the SRSC 4531 reach stackers to Rail Freight Services with full maintenance support, which will be carried out by our own highly experienced and ISO-accredited engineering team.

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