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Mantsinen 70 Hydraulic Crane

The 70 is the second smallest  model of the Mantsinen material handlers with the range extending to 90, 120, 160, 200 and 300. The ‘70’ reflects the nominal weight of the machine subject to specification but is invariably heavier than this. This size of crane is generally a watershed in material handlers as this is where cranes designed for industrial purposes ‘top-out’ as the weight and reach in industrial applications can be handled by most machines up to this size.

Mantsinen are slightly different in that all of their cranes are built for port use. There is a wide held belief that port cranes can undertake industrial applications but the vice-versa is does not always apply. A typical example of this is that all cabs are made from stainless steel as standard steel at small gauge will be the first to show the effect of a brine environment.

Another case in point is the importance of the slew ring height being level with the vessel coaming at high tide. This is an essential pre-requisite to make maximum benefit of the dipper arm length. The 70 will come as standard with a 1,9m slew ring height but this can be increased at various heights to a maximum 6700mm if required.

Undercarriages can be wheels (designated ‘M’), tracks (designated ‘R’) or on rails (designated ‘S’). Frames would tend to be portal style on tracks or rails and pylon with wheels although a portal with wheels remains an option.

The Mantsinen 70 would be an ideal size for vessels of 3000 tonnes offering sufficient capacity at a nominal 16 metres for bulk or solids loading and discharging. Boom and stick (dipper) configurations can extend to 24m horizontal reach

The Mantsinen 70 is quick! It can rotate at 7.8 revs per minute with cycle times easily exceeding 100 per hour. Cycle times do remain subjective and dependent upon rotation angles, products and, most importantly, the operator. Machines have been witnessed at 180 cycles per hour on a quarter turn but 30-second individual cycle is a real bench-mark for the 70.

As with all Mantsinen hydraulic cranes, the 70 benefits from the patented HybriLift® energy recovery system ensuring it is the most economical machine in its class. Once the main boom is lowered, oil is redirected from the lift cylinder into pressure accumulators where gas pressure increases and the energy is accumulated. This stored energy is then used to raise booms resulting in lower emissions and importantly, lower fuel consumption by as much as 35%.

The Mantsinen 70 – with its choice of diesel or electric power, undercarriages, frames, fixed or pantograph cabs, plus a wide range of boom and stick configurations make for infinite differing combos and producing tailor-made machine which will be fast, productive and safe.

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