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Tag: Hydraulic Crane

Going Smaller is the New Huge

Cooper Specialised Handling, in conjunction with one of it’s principle manufacturing partners, Mantsinen Group, have announced the launch and market introduction of the new Mantsinen 60 hydraulic crane that sees

Mantsinen 200R Hydraulic Crane- Unloading Steel Coils

Mantsinen 200 offers significant economical and ecological improvements thanks to the HybriLift® energy saving system. The speed and precision of Mantsinen 200 takes productivity to the next level. Mantsinen 200 gives you more versatility than

Mantsinen 70 Hydraulic Crane

The 70 is the second smallest  model of the Mantsinen material handlers with the range extending to 90, 120, 160, 200 and 300. The ‘70’ reflects the nominal weight of

Mantsinen MHM Video

Mantsinen began as a logistic services provider for the forestry industries of Finland and in Russia. This business is still an important part of the Mantsinen operation and the company