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Nine ways to use attachments to improve cargo handling

For many intensive logistics operations, such as ports, maintaining productivity levels is key to successful, and profitable, cargo handling. What’s more, being able to switch between crane attachments swiftly and easily plays an important role in speeding up the process and helping to reduce machine downtime.

To meet this challenge, award-winning crane manufacturer Mantsinen has developed a series of nine attachments that can cope with the most arduous of applications. Unusually among heavy lifting equipment manufacturers, Mantsinen manufactures its own attachments, and while these are purpose-designed for use with the company’s hydraulic cranes, they also fit other makes of material handler.

Mantsinen attachments are available with a fixed rotator system or the company’s hydraulic quick coupling system, which has been developed for operations that require frequent changes of tools and enables operators to switch between attachments in a matter of minutes.

1. Clamshell Buckets
Available in sizes from 1.5 m3 to 18 m3 Mantsinen clamshell buckets have been thoroughly tested in a variety of applications, including loose and frozen coal, soil, ores and chemicals. Buckets are available for both heavy duty operations and lighter materials and all grabs can be supplied with additional hydraulic rams and bolt-on teeth for extra bite.


2. Orange Peel Grabs
Suitable for moving scrap, stones and similar materials, Mantsinen orange peel grabs have a capacity of 0.8 m3 to 10.0 m3 and come with four to six tines. They are available as either closed, semi-open or open structures.
Besides traditional orange peel grabs, Mantsinen offers a square grab with six tines and a volume of 2.2 m3, which is ideal for direct loading to trucks or rail wagons.


3. Quick Coupler
Operators can switch between a large and small grab, or change the grab type in minutes using Mantsinen’s MC620 or MC720 integrated rotator with built-in tool interchange attachment. Hydraulic lines are connected manually or automatically depending on the quick coupling device.



4. Sawn Timber Spreaders
Precise lifting is essential if timber packages are to suffer no damage. Use of automatic release hooks reduces the element of manual labour to a minimum while also increasing safety and efficiency.
Mantsinen manufactures its own sawn timber spreaders, which are available with either manual or hydraulic length adjustment. The semi-automatic system works hydraulically, so requires no pressurised air from the material handler, and relies on manual hooking and automatic disengaging to increase cycle speeds. Typically capable of handling four packs, the latest models for the largest cranes can lift eight packs simultaneously.

5. Lifting Hooks
Lifting hooks are an essential tool for port operations. Stick-mounted or mounted with the quick change attachment, Mantsinen’s attachments can be supplied as a single hook, double hook or anchor hook (delivered with a parking cradle as standard) in capacities up to 50 tonnes.


6. Fork Handling
For pallets and billets up to 30 tonnes, Mantsinen produces a full range of single and multiple pallet handlers as well as specialised billet handlers which secure the billet in the loading process.




7. Log Grabs
Mantsinen specialises in timber handling attachments for use in the pulp and paper industries, saw mills and terminals. In sizes ranging from 1m2 to 3m2 csa, its log grabs are available in tip-to-tip, cross-over or by-pass format. The by-pass round wood grab makes it easy to handle half loads or even single logs at a time, while the tip-to-tip grapple is ideally suited to transporting maximum loads.

8. RDF Grabs
Increasingly popular, the RDF clamp can handle two bales at a time, quickly and efficiently, and without external assistance.




9. Pulp and Bag Handling
Mantsinen’s pulp and bag handlers come in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes and a range of configurations to carry between four and ten bags. For added flexibility, big bag spreaders can be customised to suit any bag design. Mantsinen’s pulp bale spreader operates hydraulically, requiring no pressurized air from the material handler, and is available in three, four, five and six bale versions.
An automatic release feature on both the big bag and pulp bale spreader increases safety, as there is no requirement to physically unhook the bags, while also significantly improving efficiency.

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