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Giant Mantsinen 300M ABP’s Port of Immingham

The story begins…

ABP’s Port of Immingham is universally recognised as the UK’s largest port by tonnage, handling around 46 million tonnes of cargo every year. Together with ABP’s other ports on the Humber at Grimsby, Hull and Goole, Immingham is part of the UK’s leading port complex, an unparalleled gateway for the trade connecting businesses across the UK, Europe, and beyond. The port is probably the most diverse in terms of commodities it handles ranging from containers to Agri bulks and scrap steel to bulk energy. The port is rail connected and supports 10,500 jobs nationally and contributes over £700 million to the economy every year.

The arrival of the Mantsinen 300M Hybrilift represents the largest machine manufactured by Mantsinen in Finland and is widely recognised as being the largest hydraulic crane in the world. In their early years, the forerunners of today’s 300M were material handlers and have become popular with UK ports for their speed of operation. They have historically however been ‘small cranes for small vessels’, an ideology that Mantsinen blew away with their 200 series machines in 2008 and the launch of the 300 in 2018. These super-sized machines now have the reach and capacity to serve panamax size vessels and can handle as much as 1500 tonnes per hour – far greater than the rope crane equivalents.

The new machine arrived as a complete unit in Immingham in April on a direct shipment from Finland together with two 95ER machines destined for Ipswich.

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