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Mantsinen invests over 12 million on their Ylämylly factory in Finland

Mantsinen are a globally recognised brand designing and manufacturing hydraulic cranes providing customers with the most economical and ecological solutions to bulk and general cargo handling.

Mantsinen plan to invest 12 million euros into their factory and equipment at their Ylämylly factory in Finland. The company said the investment will be focused on a new production and office space, milling boring centre and surface treatment line totalling over 3,000 m2 (32,000 sq. ft.).  This will be the largest investment in production technology the company has made.

“The main reason behind the investment is the rapid growth rate of sales of materials handling machines during the previous years,” Mia Mantsinen stated. “Moreover, the company forecasts to double the turnover in the following decade, the 2020’s.

“Heavy materials handling machines and hydraulic harbour cranes have been gaining market from traditional solutions, thus speeding up the growth of Mantsinen sales.”  More than 80% of the company’s production exported worldwide.

CEO Mia Mantsinen continues, “Our goal is to become a very significant supplier of materials handling solutions globally. New investment on production technology allows the growth of production capacity and increasing the production efficiency, as well as increases our competitiveness on the market. This is extensive investment for us, but on the other hand, only one phase of our comprehensive investment programme”  Mia explains, “This type of investment is done for long run, and investment needs to adapt to future needs for decades to come. Modern equipment and spaces also add to the safety and ergonomic of the employees, and therefore hopefully to the well-being at work.”

“The new milling boring centre and surface treatment line will meet both the existing and future needs in regard to size, capacity and functionality,” noted Mia Mantsinen.

“Over 3,000 m2 of new production space will be built, encompassing an assembly space in addition to the equipment. This relates to a growth of over 30% in our current production spaces.”

Mantsinen has recruited over 30 new people in the past year, and the organisational growth is expected to continue along with the investment. Even now, the company is seeking skilled persons for multiple positions from production to customer service to management.  The intensity of the project schedule is fitting for a company that has always wanted to challenge itself. With the intense growth, the roots of our company increase in meaning.

Construction is due to start in the coming autumn and be completed by 2020.

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