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Truck of the Month – November

November - Mantsinen 60 (The Game Changer)

To celebrate 21 years of our involvement in the UK heavy lift market, we are running “Truck of the Month” a series of 12 features spread over 12 months with 12 machines that have shaped our history, our present and that also represent our future.   As we near the end in our series, we showcase the small but mighty Mantsinen 60, tailored for the scrap handling industry.

Mantsinen 60 – The Game Changer

Scrap is known to be one of the toughest materials in industrial material handling.  Requiring both sturdiness and strength, scrap handling sets huge challenges for the machinery.

Material handling machines have been used for many years within UK scrap companies dedicated to the moving of scrap materials. These machines come in different sizes and configurations and can be changed relatively quickly over maybe 3, 5 or 7 years compared to other industries which may run their plant equipment for up to 15+ years. The useful life of the plant may be governed by the company books and changed accordingly, or it may depend on the condition of the machine and the maintenance costs on their upkeep during its operating life. And part of the assessment will be the condition of the machine and its components such as slew rings, cylinders, pins, pumps, hydraulics and motors.

But what if there is a machine designed to last longer than the norm – with quality assurances in its steel structure and components. This would mean a lower turnover of old to new machines for a company over decades and avoiding capital losses on the changeover.

Cooper Specialised Handling offer the Mantsinen product range as it is designed to do just that – last. By this we mean Mantsinen machines are fundamentally different by design compared to any other similar material handling products on the market and it is designed from the ground up to achieve a given minimum number of machine cycles – a staggering 2 million cycles.

The Mantsinen 60 meets these tough requirements providing unprecedented efficiency.  The Mantsinen 60 is compact, yet strong and smart and tailored for scrap handling. With a maximum reach of 20,5 meters it carries all the operation proven Mantsinen qualities in a condensed package. Combining agility, intelligence and strength, the Mantsinen 60 also comes equipped with the Mantsinen Telematics Systems (MTS) as standard, and it is optimised for mid-scale material handling.

So, if you know a machine is built to last and comes with its manufacturer’s quality assurances, you know its structure and components are turning tradition. Its capabilities are not just governed by its weight, or perhaps in grab reach or height or even tons lift capacity but a quality handler that will go for a longer life given the demands of a scrap environment and the dynamic forces subjected on the machine.

Mantsinen hydraulic cranes provide a different approach to the ‘lifetime’ of the machine.  The Mantsinen 60 is strong, with steel castings, no welded seams in high stress areas and protected hydraulic piping. Reliability is built in its design from the start and they have already proven themselves with up to 38,000 hours in scrap handling with a normal service history – built to run with assurances than its shorter run competitors on the market…A Game changer.

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