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Semi-Auto & Universal OH Frame

Overheight Frame

Features: Fixed 20ft / Fixed 40ft or Telescopic 20 to 40t | Variable Free Height. From 2,0m to 3,0m (Standard Height = 2,7m) | Connection to the spreader through the Twistlocks of the main spreader. It requires no modification / intervention on the spreaders at the terminal.


About Semi-Auto & Universal OH Frame

This OH Frame is the ideal choice when a secure and efficient solution to a moderate oversized cargo traffic is required. It is the middle ground between the sophistication of the models FULLY AUTOMATIC and manual drive models. It works following the principles of security of semiautomatic spreaders: The proper motion of lifting / lowering of the crane opens and closes the OH Frame twistlocks. Includes security probes preventing the false opening / closing of the twistlocks.

UNIVERSAL: it works with any type of spreader and on any type of machine. | Easy maintenance as it has only got mechanic parts. | Does NOT require a parking stand so it can be parked anywhere in the terminal. | Red / Green coloured panels indicate the crane operator of the situation of the twistlocks.


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