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Rail Mounted

Gantry Crane

Our rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) are manufactured to customer specifications and tailored to meet your usage requirements with a wide variety of parameters and configurations.


About Rail Mounted

New torque anti-sway system (1)

Through proper arrangement of guide pulleys in the horizontal and vertical direction, the movement of the four wire ropes can effectively prevent the swing of the spreader greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.

New torque anti-sway system (2)

The new-developed four rope anti-sway system (Patent number: ZL201220568248.4) effectively achieve bidirectional anti-sway of the spreader.This system allows a +/-250mm movement of spreader in the gantry or trolley direction, greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.

Container Auto-tracking and auto-hoisting system
Soft landing of spreader onto the container
Anti-wind anchor system
Intelligent rectification technology of gantry
Energy Recycling technology
Intelligent low voltage capacitor compensation


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