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Titan Bulk Reception Conveyor Feeder


Telestack Titan Bulk Reception Conveyor Feeders allow the operator to load a barge or vessel directly from a dump truck, in order to avoid the double handling of material on the quayside. This helps the operator reduce loading times in order to maximise production rates and minimise labour and maintenance costs. This is done by having a single unit for unloading and loading.


About Titan Bulk Reception Conveyor Feeder

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty feed-in points from trucks up to 60 to 70 tonnes.
  • Integrated apron chain belt feeder to handle surge of material from trucks.
  • Mobility means flexibility – complete on-site mobility to suit all types of jetties or quayside.
  • Dust extraction and suppression options to ensure dust emissions are kept to a minimum.
  • Optional fully sealed feed-in, transfer and discharge points to eliminate spillage and dust emissions on site.
  • Radial boom length options for maximum flexibility when trimming vessel holds.
  • Loading rates up to 1,500 TPH (depending on truck cycle times).
  • Range of truck unloaders for all applications.
  • Lower capital investment than fixed truck unloading systems.
  • Reduced civil requirements on site.
  • Can also be used for ship unloading and stockyard management.

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